RS Production Packaging... How it works

Here’s a closer look at some of the operations carried out to meet your production needs.

Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) handling

The ESD team create your order as soon as it’s accepted into the RS system.

From re-reeling, to waffle tray insertion, strict guidelines are followed to ensure your products are packed correctly to the highest standards.

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Attention to detail

The highest quality standards are applied in the fulfilment of each order

  • Full leader and trailer tapes are applied to each re-reeled product
  • Only full tubes are supplied – with protective filler material used to ensure components are not damaged in transit

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Only Industry standard packaging

We use only the industry packaging type specified for each component in our production packaging offer.

  • We use the right reel size, full tube (never cut down) and tray for each product,
  • So you can add them directly into your production environment as soon as required, without fear of breakdown.

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