Production Packaging - "A Great New Service ..."

Hear what our Small Batch Production customers say

Production Packaging offers our customers a fast, cost-effective solution, ideal for their small batch production needs. Here’s what customers from our different markets told us ...

Tenkay Electronics

Tenkay is a British company which provides a complete manufacturing service to the Electronic and Electrical Industries.

The company particularly welcomes the new free re-reeling service which RS now offers.

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RM Production

RM Production in Frankfurt offers a wide range of services to customers involved in industry electronics and prototype construction, including the production of circuit diagrams, CAD design and materials procurement for circuit-board production.

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Digitimer Limited has been manufacturing quality clinical and laboratory scientific instruments worldwide since 1972. They recently invested in pick-and-place SMT production equipment to support small to medium sized production runs.

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EL.MO s.r.l.

EL. MO, based in Pavia near Milan, manufactures circuit-boards and electronic apparatus for large clients across a wide variety of fields, including industrial automation, the automotive industry, security systems and the print industry.

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Aaron Electronic Manufacturing Services Ltd

Aaron Electronic Manufacturing Services Ltd is a contract electronic manufacturer servicing manufacturing clients in the South East of England, assembling PCBs, cable harnesses and complete one-off units, mainly for television broadcast applications.

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