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    Enclosures & Racking Components

    When talking industrial and electrical, an enclosure is a structure used for storing and protecting components which might otherwise be affected by dirt, dust and moisture, therefore getting damaged. Because of their function, enclosures are generally sturdy to offer more safety to the tools or system they enclose, and they can include a locking system. Enclosures come in different forms such as floor standing, Handheld or wall mounted. To ensure enclosures are fully functional or tailored to your needs you may need to equip the enclosure with correct racking components such as Rack Panels, Rack Rails, Rack Cable Management, Server Rack Shelves and other accessories and hardware to get the best use out of the enclosure.

    Our range includes Enclosures and Racking Components from trusted brands such as APC, Camdenboss, Hammond, Rittal,and our very own quality brand RS PRO, supplying leading enclosures and components that meet the required safety standards across several industries.

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    What do you need for enclosure mounting and installation?

    Wall mounting enclosures are being increasingly used to provide the double function of saving space and protecting components at the same time. Several accessories and fittings are available in our range to make the job easier: to name some, mounting rails and plates, brackets, screws, in addition to a choice of screwdrivers and drills to complete the installation in the safest way possible. We offer enclosures and accessories from the top brands worldwide, such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Rittal and Fibox, as well as RS Pro.

    What are IP Ratings for enclosures?

    Most enclosures feature an IP (Ingress Protection) rating which is an international standard used as a measure of the protection offered by the structure against foreign bodies and moisture. IP ratings are made of two digits which indicate the degree of protection on two progressive scales: the first digit indicates the effectiveness of isolation against intrusive bodies, whereas the second digit indicates protection against several moisture agents such as sprays, condensation or strong water jets.