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    Material Lifting & Loading Equipment

    Material lifting equipment cover a broad spectrum of both heavy-duty and light-duty mechanical lifting and moving equipment and accessories. At RS, our comprehensive range of specialist and generic material handling equipment and lifting devices includes a wide selection of lifting gear equipment for all your needs.

    Selecting the Right Material Lifting Equipment

    Bottle jacks and axle stands: A bottle jack, also called a piston jack, is for automotive lifting, designed to raise vehicles off the ground. While a bottle jack may provide temporary support, they're primarily lifting equipments. Axle stands should be used as more reliable vehicle supports while maintenance or repair is being carried out.

    Bungee cords: elasticated shock-resistant lifting and moving equipment with a strong core formed by elastic strands. These are ideal for securing loads to vehicles without the need to tie knots, with numerous commercial and industrial applications.

    Suction lifters: specialist lifting equipment for moving objects of varying weights and sizes, without risking damage to the item. Typically used for glass, ceramics, synthetic panels, coated wood panels, stainless steel sheet or marble. These handling and lifting equipment work by attaching 1-3+ suction cups to a flat surface area.

    Hoists: lifting gear equipment that is used to handle, lift, and lower heavy objects or loads. Hoists provide a safe and convenient way to move items that are way too heavy to be transported by hand. Pick from manual or powered hoists from our wide selection at RS.

    Lifting slings and ratchet straps: A length of webbing, chain or rope, used to attach a load to a separate lifting equipment (e.g. a crane or hoist). Always be mindful of working load limits (absolute maximum) and safe working load limits (maximum for optimal product longevity). Colour coding usually denotes the max tonnage a sling or strap is rated to carry.