RS Production Packaging... The Benefits

60,000 products in industry standard packaging ... packed and priced to meet your production needs

RS now offers a fast, cost-effective solution ideal for your small batch production needs.

Our Production Packaging offer gives you:

  • 60,000 products
  • Across Semiconductor, Passive, Connector and Electro-mechanical product ranges
  • All in industry standard packaging.

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Competitive prices ... and over 200,000 additional price breaks

We've reduced prices on these products by up to 35% to give you

  • Competitive prices on the quantities needed for production
  • Increased discounts for large orders

And we’re constantly reviewing our pricing to ensure you always get the best service value possible.

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Send your Bill of Materials to our dedicated quote teams for specific pricing requirements

Taiwan 0800 088 238

Market leading delivery ... in the packaging required

Within 2 hours of you placing your order, we'll have it packed and ready for despatch

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Plan your production schedules knowing that we’ll deliver

  • The products you need
  • In the packaging required
  • Exactly when you want them

With our prompt next day delivery

With a world-class supporting product range ...

Our production packaging range is complemented by our existing world-class range of supporting products. With us, you can ensure a smooth production run from start to finish, including:

  • ESD handling equipment
  • PCB’s and solder equipment
  • Process control and automation ranges
  • Scopes and meters to ensure accuracy in your workplace
  • High quality hand and power tools

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