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    Light Bulbs, Lamps & Tubes

    Finding the right light or lamp bulbs for your needs can be a sometimes daunting task. We have a curated range of light bulbs and tubes to cover a wide range of applications, fittings and technologies.

    Which light bulbs are available?

    Heat lamps - using infrared, heat lamps provide radiant heating alongside a source of light in communal areas, such as waiting rooms, terraces and patios as well as in other specific applications, including shrink packaging and food heaters in canteens or restaurants.UV and UV-C light bulbs - used to illuminate that which can't be seen by the human eye, UV lights are commonly used as part of sterilisation and anti-theft measures. Split into two types: blacklight blue (used in sanitation and anti-theft measures) and blacklight UV bulbs (used in tanning salons and bug zappers, as well as water treatment). UV-C lights are used in some workplaces for disinfection, such as for biological tools, and are also used in wastewater treatment.LEDs and LED tube lights - LEDs offer instant-on, efficient lighting. LEDs and LED tubes are well-paired with spaces requiring long-term or permanent lighting, such as foyers, parking garages and production premises and are an efficient companion to motion sensors.Metal halide bulbs - provide similar luminosity to fluorescent and incandescent lights but in a smaller package with a long lamp life. They are commonly used in areas that require bright light to cover a wide area, such as streetlights, stadiums & arenas and car parks.Sodium lamps - also known as SON lights, sodium bulbs boast a long lifespan and high luminous output, often seen in large-scale car parks.Fluorescent tubes - a cost-efficient lighting option commonly used in offices, warehouses and supermarkets.Halogen bulbs - used across a variety of lighting applications, from domestic and commercial lights and spotlights, car headlights and energy-saving bulbs.Incandescent bulbs - perhaps the most recognisable bulbs, taking on the standard 'globe' shape, but the technology is also commonly seen in car indicators and high-temperature applications, such as oven and rotisserie bulbs.Smart bulbs - using the Internet of Things, smart bulbs allow you to step into the future and control your lighting via your wifi or smartphone, increasing efficiency by granting you greater control over your energy expenditure.Products within the Light Bulbs, Lamps & Tubes range actively support healthy building as per the guidance of the 9 elements of a healthy building from IOSH. Specific healthy building elements covered by this range are:LightingDusts & Pests