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    Multilayer Organic Capacitors

    Multilayer organic capacitors are low loss capacitors. They are similar to ceramic multilayer capacitors. Instead of using ceramics, they are fabricated using polyers and often use high conductivity copper as their metallic conducting layer. Multilayer organic capacitors are made from large substrates using state-of-the-art laser direct imaging which keeps their tolerances high.

    Multilayer organic capacitors have a low equivalent series resistance (the ideal equivalent resistance of the capacitor in series) and high self resonant frequency (SRF) which allows them to operate at frequencies well above one thousand hertz (Hz).

    What are multilayer organic capacitors used for?

    Multilayer organic capacitors are often used in RF (radio frequency) power amplifiers. They can also be found in filter networks and low noise amplifiers. They can operate at a vast range of temperatures making them suitable for use in communication devices.

    Types of multilayer organic capacitors.

    Multilayer organic capacitors can be manufactured to fit precisely on printed circuit boards for improved reliability, and exist in standard forms such as the rectangular chip or cylindrical canister (radial style).

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