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    Mica Capacitors

    Mica capacitors are used in applications where high degrees of precision, high stability and reliability are required. They are commonly found in high-frequency applications as they have qualities that allow them to provide low loss and low capacitor change-over time.

    The mica capacitor is made from thin sheets of mica that have been coated with deposited metal on both sides and then dipped in epoxy to protect it from the environment. Mica minerals are electrically, chemically and mechanically stable.

    RS offer a wide range of high-quality Mica capacitors from leading brands such as Cornell-Dubilier and RS PRO.

    What are the different types of Mica Capacitor?

    There are several types of mica capacitors available depending on the form factor, voltage, capacitance range and lead spacing required.

    • Standard dipped
    • Reel packed dipped
    • SMT multilayer RF chip
    • Miniature dipped
    • High reliability dipped
    • SMT multilayer RF clad
    • High voltage
    • SMT multilayer PTFE
    • High frequency dipped mica

    What applications are mica capacitors used in?

    Mica capacitors are used in a wide range of electronics applications including:

    • Resonance, a time constant, coupling and high-voltage inverter circuits
    • Cable TV and radio transmitters
    • Defence electronics
    • Aerospace
    • Medical
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