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It is essential to have an effective maintenance program
to keep your plant operational, at RS we offer a wide range
of components, tools and equipment, to support your
planned and emergency maintenance needs.

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Building Maintenance - Energy Efficiency

With buildings representing about 40% of total energy consumption and costs continually rising, it’s important that energy efficiency is continually considered, but it’s not just energy you’ll be saving, it’s also time and money, which means keeping your plant running for less:

Save Energy
– monitoring is an essential aspect in reducing energy consumption, as inefficiencies along with wear and tear in machinery can increase overall running costs, but many other savings can be made from retrofitting LED lighting through to installing intelligent variable speed motors to optimize power usage.
Save Time – many of the energy efficient products also benefit from longer running time, which means less maintenance time is required.
Save Money – saving energy and time adds up to a financial saving, which can also help minimise process and plant downtime.

RS has many solutions and components to monitor and help reduce energy consumption, one solution being the Acti9 PowerTag® energy sensor, which not only monitors and measures energy and power in real time, but can immediately alert your smartphone in the event of downtime!

Products related to energy efficiency and building maintenance:

Production - Vibration & Temperature in Predictive Maintenance

Vibration and temperature are characteristics related to any industrial machines. Virtually every production line involves some kind of motion and temperature management, so why not deploy them as a monitoring indicator to determine the health of your production process?
When vibration increases beyond normal levels, it may indicate either normal wear and tear or it may be a sign of pending process failure, such as a shaft misalignment. In the same way unexpected temperature variations outside normal parameters can be an indication of an upcoming issue, such as in a control panel or a furnace overheating. Understanding and identifying in advance any changes to the norm, can be critical in deciding whether further assessment of the underlying issue or immediate maintenance action is required.
Professional and reliable measuring instrument from Fluke deliver the perfect preventative maintenance solution, with the Fluke 805FC vibration meter and the Fluke TiS45 thermal imaging camera, that will make the difference between failure and success.

Products related to production line & preventative maintenance:

Workshop - Creating Customised Labels Within a Minute

Clear and durable identification of infrastructure equipment directly affects productivity and safety in a profound manner. Labels are used for a wide variety of applications in a facility and provide an easy and legible way for workers to identify items quickly. For general identification needs – like labelling bins and beams, drawers or other items - a standard, industrial strength label can be used. For other labelling applications more specific types of labels are required.
With DYMO XTL you can simplify labelling by creating customised labels fast using the PC connectivity and free software, or simply use the built-in templates to make label creation simple and easy.

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