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    Benefits of registration

    Registering with RS Online only takes five minutes of your time. It opens up many new and exciting benefits, some of which are not available using conventional means. You get:

    • Access to over 550,000 products for online ordering
    • Up-to-the-minute information on pricing and latest products
    • Colour picture for most products
    • Access to the Technical TechZone
    • Full catalogue available online
    • Access to over 100,000 technical Data Sheets
    • An instant check on volume pricing

    When you place orders online you get these additional benefits:

    • Instant check of stock availability before you order
    • Account or credit card payment options
    • Automatic storing of 13 months' order history
    • Ability to build an order or parts list, save it, and 'send' later


    Registering gives you access to these online technical services:

    • Over 100,000 technical data sheets
    • Technical enquiry service
    • Links to lots of useful sites and info sources
    • Vital technical information
    • Frequently Asked Questions