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    Export Compliance


    Restriction on sensitive materials to be exported or re-exported to specified countries, regions, groups and individuals turns out to be one of the most critical concern nowadays for governments and international organizations all over the world when making decision on exportation policy. Being a well-known and conscientious multinational enterprise listed in British securities market, RS lives up to its law-compliance principle all the way, on account of which RS requires all of its affiliates, as well as its respective employees to seek guidance scrupulously on exportation controls, including but not limited to embargo list and Denied Person List, as might be promulgated by the competent governments or organizations from time to time.

    We hereby declare that RS is not liable to any noncompliance with any applicable exportation control measure imposed by relevant governments or organizations, caused by or in relation to the use, exportation, re-exportation and other usages on our products acquired by our customers through any channel, including but not limited to online purchase. For any doubt might occurred to you, please confer with your legal consultant in due course.