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    Power Quality Analyser Accessories

    Power Quality Analyser Accessories are designed for use with power quality analysers, used to measure electric power signals ensuring the measurement of the electrical signal, monitoring the operation of the electrical power system is working within that power. This is important as electrical equipment will not work to capacity or malfunction without the right electrical power. RS work with major electrical test and power measurement equipment manufacturers, including Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux, Keysight, including the RS PRO brand, all recognised for their expertise in delivering performance within the industry. Our range includes calibrated power quality analyser accessories with full calibration RSCAL, UKAS certification.

    Power quality analysers are multi-function instruments that measure and test various electrical signals such as direct current, alternating current, AC-voltage, DC-voltage, harmonics and much more depending on the model. Data can be logged and power quality analysed with the software supplied with the power quality analyser and accessories helping you to avoid costly problems.

    The RS range of power quality analyser accessories include everything you need to complement a (PQA) power quality analyser covering various types, models, price range and brand. You can order not only a power quality analyser, but the power accessories needed all in one place.

    Power Quality Accessories available.

    • AC/DC Current clamp adapters.
    • Adapters.
    • Analysis software.
    • Analyser clamp.
    • Breakout box.
    • Cable and cable markers.
    • Cases and cases with rollers.
    • Clamp, AC Current clamp.
    • Electrical power training programmes and information.
    • Probes, Current probe, flexible.
    • Mains adapters.
    • Sensor.
    • Voltage quality recorders.
    • Transformer sets.

    Our range of accessories and measurement tools can be matched up with a suitable power quality analyser. If you are looking for a specific accessory, for example a current sensor probe, we can tell you exactly which measurement (power quality analyser) the accessory is for use with.

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