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    Multimeter Fuses

    Multimeter fuses are a critical component for the safe and efficient running of all types of multimeters. They function as a replacement part when the existing fuse blows and protects the multimeter in the event of current overload. Multimeters are electronic testing devices that can measure voltage, current and resistance in a wide array of small-scale domestic appliances, or large-scale industrial machines.

    How do multimeter fuses work?

    Multimeters are handy tools to have for home renovations. They're portable, easy to use and let you carry out tests on plug sockets and lighting systems, for example. Both analogue and digital multimeters use multimeter fuses. The fuses contain a thin strand of wire with a low melting point. If the current running through the multimeter is too great, the fuse will melt, breaking the circuit. It's a basic method of circuit protection but a very effective safeguarding device found in all electrical systems.

    Choosing the right multimeter fuses

    Your choice of multimeter fuses will depend on the make, model and type of multimeter you're using. Various amperages and voltages ratings are available, and replacement fuses can be bought individually or in multipacks. It is always best to follow the manufacturers' advice as to which fuse is the most suitable replacement for the existing one.

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