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    Ultrasonic Cleaners

    An ultrasonic cleaner is sometimes referred to as an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic cleaning tank. An ultrasonic cleaner harnesses the power of ultrasound and have been designed to remove dirt, grease and corrosion from a wide range of objects. A fantastic cleaner for components and items, cleaning them to a "like new" standard through the application of ultrasonic cleaning. You can find out more in our ultrasonic cleaners guide.

    How well do Ultrasonic Cleaners work?

    A process called acoustic cavitation is worked through the liquid in the machine, cavitation is formed when ultrasonic waves travel through the liquid. When a sound wave travels through a fluid it stretches and compresses the liquid to transmit the sound, as the amplitude of the sound waves increase to a critical level the negative pressures create cavities in the water. As these cavities collapse, high temperatures and large forces are generated in a very localised area. The accumulative effect of millions of these collapsing cavities is the reason why the cleaning action is particularly effective, especially when used with the correct ultrasonic cleaning fluid. Cavitation takes place wherever the liquid meets the object being cleaned.

    What do Ultrasonic Cleaners clean?

    An ultrasonic cleaning tank is useful as a cleaner for just about anything including oil, grease and carbon deposits. Below is a list of some of the most commonly cleaned items:

    • Taps, Dies and milling cutters
    • Engine blocks
    • Jewellery (Gold, Silver and Platinum)
    • Medical equipment/instruments, please note that ultrasonic cleaning does not sterilise
    • Dentures
    • Golf clubs
    • Ceramics
    • Paint spray guns, Airbrushes
    • Electronic and Mechanical parts
    • Plastics

    What features does an Ultrasonic Cleaner have?

    • Degas mode rapidly removes air from the fluid
    • Delicate mode facilitates a less aggressive clean
    • Full-power mode for a powerful deep clean, a more aggressive cleaner mode
    • Temperature and Timing mode
    • Stainless steel tank, lid and housing
    • Ultrasonic baths give the best results when used with an ultrasonic cleaner solution
    • Some may feature a basket or jewellery holder

    Ultrasonic cleaners, including ultrasound cleaners, sonic cleaners, and ultrasonic baths, offer a powerful and efficient cleaning solution across various industries. With their advanced cleaning technology, and non-destructive process these cleaners effectively remove contaminants saving you time and effort.

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