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pToggle switches can be used for any automation or electrical application. We carry a full range of toggle switches from leading brands including Apem, TE Connectivity and our own quality brand RS Pro. You can also choose from a complete range of toggle switch accessories including panel mounts and plating panels, toggle switch boots, sealing hoods and toggle switch guards. /p h2What are toggle switches? /h2 pToggle switches are a variant of a regular electrical switch, its key purpose is to open and close circuits, the toggle element is also known as a lever, this is the part you flick on and off. A key characteristic is the snap action of the toggle, this switch is usually latching and stays in the designated position after being toggled. /p h2Types of toggle switches/h2 pThere are four main types of toggle switch:/p ul liSingle pole, double throw (SPDT) - this is often used in on-on functions or in on-off-on functions/li. liSingle pole, single throw (SPST)- these switches can be used for on-off functions, they are simple and fairly standard switches/li liDouble pole, double throw (DPDT)- these are usually found in on-on or on-off-on functions/li liDouble pole, single throw (DPST)- often found in on-off switches the terminals are independent of one another and can cope with the use of two different voltages/li/ul pWithin these four categories, there are many sub-categories, you can also get miniature toggle switches which can also be called microswitches. Our toggle switches are available with a range of metal contact materials such as: /p ul liBrass /li liCopper alloy /li liGold over nickel plated brass /li liGold over nickel plated copper /li liGold plated brass /li liGold plated silver /li liGold plated silver alloy/li liSilver plated copper/li /ul pOur toggle switches can be differentiated by contact resistance, contact current rating and/or voltage rating which allows you to select the ideal toggle switch for your application. /p Some people use toggle and a href=“/web/c/switches/joystick-switches-accessories/joystick-switches/” target="_self"joystick switches/a interchangeably.A common misconception is that toggle switches are the same as a href="/web/c/switches/rocker-switches-accessories/rocker-switches/ target="_self"rocker switches/a, however they do have slight physical differences.