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    Drawer Handles & Cabinet Handles

    Drawer handles are pieces of hardware that are fixed to the outside of a drawer to facilitate opening it when pulled, allowing the opener to access or use the drawer. Drawer handles, or drawer pulls, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and build material, and are usually decided on based on an intersection of environment, aesthetic preference, and strength.

    RS has drawer and cabinet handles of all shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options for how you want your drawers and cabinets to look and function.

    Plastic Handles

    Plastic handles are a popular choice for drawer, cabinet, and cupboard handles as they are lightweight and cost-effective. Because they are cheaper than metal, you can find thicker and more-durable plastic handles for a fraction of the cost. Plastic is also available in more colors, which provides a lot of design flexibility.

    Plastic is also immune to normal environmental changes, unlike wood or metal. In extreme circumstances, metal can be too hot or cold to touch and open safely, and wood runs the risk of splitting or rotting if the handles get wet. On the other hand, heavier drawers or cabinet doors, especially those which have something mounted on the opposite side, may carry too much weight for plastic handles.

    Metal Drawer Handles

    Metal handles are a more supportive and durable option for drawer pulls, and are often considered a premium type of handle. Heavy drawers or doors require a stronger handle to open, which is why metal drawer handles are often found in industrial settings.

    Metal drawer handles can come with different finishes, such as polished or chrome, providing flexibility for different design aesthetics. They are also made from different types of metal or alloy, such as aluminum, brass, and steel.

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