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    Vacuum Generators

    A vacuum generator, also known as a suction pump or ejector, is a type of pump that removes molecules of air and gas from a sealed volume leaving behind a partial vacuum and are also able to move fluids from one area to another. Find out more in our complete guide to vacuum pumps.

    Vacuum pumps devices are suitable for various processes that require vacuums such as an engineering or manufacturing process or they may be used to move liquids from one location to another, just like conventional pumps. Vacuum generators may also have a built-in exhaust silencer to keep generator noise to a minimum.

    Types of Vacuum Generators

    The vacuum is produced either pneumatically (ejectors) or electrically (pumps). Pneumatic vacuum generators implement short cycle times and can be integrated directly into the system due to their compact and lightweight design. Ejectors offer functions for energy and process control. Electrical vacuum generators are used in applications when compressed air is not available or if very high suction capacities are required.

    Momentum transfer pump - this is where the air or gas is transferred from the inlet to the exhaust side of the pump.

    Entrapment pump - these pumps capture gases in a confined space. They are cooled and condensed and then removed in a solid state.

    Positive displacement pump - this vacuum pump has an expanding cavity on the suction side of the pump and a decreasing cavity on the discharge side. The same volume is moved in each cycle so it delivers consistent capacities. These pumps are suited to applications that need moderate flow and moderate pressure like food manufacturing.

    Diaphragm pump - work in a similar way to positive displacement pumps and are often used for fluid transfers for filling and dispensing as they are very accurate.

    How do you choose a vacuum generator?

    Before purchasing a vacuum generator, there are a few factors to consider:

    • Intended application, what type of workpiece - porous, air-tight
    • Energy efficient options - a lower case electricity, compressed air
    • Pump size and weight restrictions
    • Maintaining cycle times- short cycle times, ejector
    • Performance requirements


    • Semiconductor processing
    • Air conditioning
    • Flight instruments
    • Composite moulding
    • Uranium enrichment
    • Print presses
    • Medical applications
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