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    Pneumatic Cylinder & Actuator Accessories

    Pneumatic cylinders and actuators accessories are key components used for the maintenance, repair and replacement of pneumatic cylinders and actuators. These components can include piston rods, rod clevis, brackets, mounting equipment and locking nuts. Cylinders and actuators can also be mounted in several ways depending on the size and type of cylinder or actuator being used. Mounting types can include flange mounts and foot mounts.

    RS offer a wide range of accessories that can affect the overall system performance, reliability and design of pneumatic cylinders and actuators. Our accessories are efficient and made from high quality materials to support all your applications.

    Types of pneumatic cylinders and actuators accessories:

    Replacement parts - including rotary joints to prevent sticking and values.

    Cylinder repair kits - comprehensive hydraulic repair kits contain items like wiper rings, packing assemblies, bearing rings, piston bearings, wave springs, set screws, and nylon balls. Specific sealing repair products are also available as bearing kits to use as support for piston rods. Pneumatic repair kits contains replacement parts for compact cylinders, and include combinations of bore, piston, tube and cushion seals.

    Mounting equipment - versatile mounting options, styles can be fixed centerline mount, fixed offset mount and fixed pivot mount. We have a range of mounting accessory types suitable for various applications.

    Lock units and nuts - including corrosion resistant nuts and bolts

    What are cylinder repair kits used for?

    These kits are used to repair and carry out maintenance on hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Hydraulic cylinders are used in cranes, booms and for lifting and transporting loads. They are also found in presses and packing machines, as well as mobile equipment like construction vehicles or agricultural machinery. Pneumatic cylinders are used in packaging machinery, automation equipment and chemical handling applications.

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