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    Pneumatic Pressure Regulators

    Pneumatic technology uses pressured gas to drive some sort of mechanical motion. The most common gas used in pneumatic technology is dry air. The air must be dry as moisture has different compressive qualities. Pneumatic technology is very similar to hydraulic technology, however the fluid used to drive the motion here is always a liquid.

    Pneumatic systems are operated using a central pneumatic device (such as an air motor or compressor) and utilise manual or automatic solenoid valves to control the airflow around the system.

    Pneumatic systems contain many components, pneumatic pressure regulator function fittings being one example. You can learn more about the different types in our comprehensive pneumatic fittings guide.

    What are pneumatic pressure regulators used for?

    Pneumatic pressure regulators are used to ensure the pressure in the system stays within the desired range. If the pressure gets too high or too low the fittings are activated and the flow is adjusted to prevent an over or under pressure.

    Types of pneumatic pressure regulators

    Pneumatic pressure regulators come in a variety of diameters, fits, grades and pressure ranges.

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