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    Pneumatic Fitting Accessories

    Pneumatic systems are made up of multiple hoses, valves, fittings and various other pneumatic accessories. They are designed to work alongside your existing pneumatic fittings and tubing to improve their capabilities. Pneumatic fittings include bolts, adapters, t-fittings and y-fittings and are generally threaded for screw fastening or push-in type pneumatic fittings.

    Types of pneumatic accessories include:

    Blanking Plugs, Tubing Nuts, End Caps, Adapters, Spatter Covers, Locknuts, Washers, Tubing Sleeves, Couplings and Hoses

    Why use pneumatic fittings?

    Using an accessory alongside your fitting can assist with assembly or provide extra functionality. For example, using a blanking plug to prevent dust and dirt from entering the tube and contaminating the pneumatic system.

    Which material is best?

    Your choice of material will depend on your application. We offer a wide range of parts and materials, such as copper washers, PBT plugs, brass locknuts and stainless steel studs to name a few.

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