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    Pneumatic Replacement Filter Elements

    Pneumatic filters are used in compressed air systems to filter the air and remove contaminants. This filtration improves the efficiency of the system and prevents damage by trapping unwanted particles in the filter material. Filter elements are a vital part of the system as this is the component which primarily filters the air in the system. The elements within a compressed air filter may become damaged or worn over time. Filter elements for efficient water separation also help to increase the service life of the filter.

    We offer a range of replacement air filter elements for different filter systems. It is important to ensure that the replacement is compatible with your cartridge or pneumatic filter system. Filter elements are found in compressed air systems within many applications, such as automotive, manufacturing and general purpose compressors.

    What is filtration grade?

    Filtration grade is used to describe the filters ability to catch particles. This is usually measured in "µm" (micrometer) and describes the size of the particles that the filter is able to remove from the compressed air.

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