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    Reusable Respirator Filters

    Respirator filters are a piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that are designed for use with half-face and full-face respirators, offering workers protection in contaminated environments in which particle ingress can be hazardous. There are a variety of different filter types, which can offer protection against both solid and liquid particles and inhaling hazardous gases and fumes, depending on their design.


    Adding filters to a face mask can ensure respiratory protection against dangerous particulates than can cause harm to workers, and the wide variety available ensures safety across a range of dangerous environments. Depending on the required application, respiratory particulate filters can be reusable or replaceable, and can have different standards to suit the desired use.

    Filter Types

    There are a variety of filter types available to ensure the correct PPE is worn by workers. The three main filter types are the particle filter, the gas/vapour filter and the combined filter. These different types are divided in to classes to display whether the respirator filter is low, medium or high efficiency.


    Filtered respiratory masks are essential in environments where particle ingress can be hazardous to your health, to protect the wearer from airborne particles such as dusts, fine mists and gases. These are required to improve safety in heavy-duty applications where disposable face masks are insufficient. Industries in which respiratory masks may be necessary include manufacturing, chemical and laboratory applications and contaminated environments.

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