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    Feedthrough Capacitors

    Feedthrough capacitors are widely used for AC/DC supply lines to help lower harmful interference. Normal standard capacitors are not really suitable for filtering applications as they can introduce high impedance, feedthrough capacitors do not have this issue. High current feedthrough capacitors are mainly used in high-power applications and are usually connected to high voltage and high energy circuits so extra caution is needed.

    RS have a great range of feedthrough capacitors with various capacitance and current ratings to meet all your filtering requirements.

    Types of feedthrough capacitors

    • Surface Mount feedthrough capacitors - offered in various packages including 0805, 1206, 1206
    • Plastic Film Feedthrough capacitors
    • Discoidal feedthrough capacitors - used in the EMI filter industry. These capacitors come in different designs with a wide range of capacitance ratings to meet the different requirements of today’s applications
    • Tubular ceramic feedthrough capacitors - used in high frequency filtering applications, the unique structure of these capacitors yields an impressively low inductance


    Feedthrough capacitors are used in various circuits

    • Electronic Circuits
    • Telephone Exchanges
    • Power supplies
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