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    Torch Accessories

    Torch accessories are products that augment functionalities of many torches, usually when a fixed on-site lighting system does not provide sufficient light.

    What are torch accessories used for?

    Torch accessories are practical for outdoor use, security work, to keep in a vehicle in case of an emergency, or in the home for general maintenance operations.

    Types of torch accessories

    Helmet clips are designed to fit headlights securely onto safety helmets. Kit adapters are used for mounting headlamps onto helmets, allowing quick and easy application. They usually ensure the option of adjusting the tilt of the headlamp in various situations, for example, to alert drivers to your presence. They can offer an electronic push-button switch on/off switch.

    There are also optional filter sets. Green lenses can emphasise objects' contours, blue ones make blood traces more visible, while red ones help to reduce light reflections on water, rivers or other clear fluids. Belts, loops, carabiners and adjustable headbands, which are extremely robust and practical in hazardous areas, allow hands-free transportation of torches.

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