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    Measuring Wheels

    Whether you are a surveyor, realtor, remodeler, or a builder, you will come across the need to take measurements across large areas. Even though you can use a variety of tools to get the job done, the most convenient solution is available through a measuring wheel.You can call measuring wheel as one of the oldest measuring instruments to exist as of now. Among construction measuring tools, these provide much-needed assistance when you measure large areas and boundaries quick and efficient. You will also be able to get a distance measuring wheel in different sies. It is important to stick to the right size based on the nature of your application to receive the best results.**What is a measuring wheel?**A measuring wheel is a construction measuring tool that measures distances whilst walking. Formerly known as a surveyors wheel.

    What is the Surveyor's Wheel

    It's an effective method to simply measure a distance. The get a more precise measurement the surface should be flat, so it depends on the surface being travelled on how accurate the measurement is.

    What are the different applications of a measuring wheel?

    Measuring wheels are used for lower accuracy measurements in larger areas. Here are some of the most prominent applications that a measuring wheel can offer.Construction SitesA measuring wheel can be used on construction sites on rough and uneven surfaces. Smaller wheels can be used to gauge the dimensions of a building's interior.Gardening/LandscapingA measuring wheel offers an easy solution to determine the size of a garden or driveway etc. A surveyor who comes to take measurements of your garden would also use a surveyor's wheel for taking measurements.Railroad WorkUsed specifically for measuring tracks within the rail industry. Working on even surfaces it'll be easy to get an accurate measurement. These wheels have a metal side plate to ensure the wheel stays on the track. A distance measuring wheel will be highly useful in this kind of a situation.

    What measurement types do the wheels use?

    All measuring wheels use the metric measuring system; however, some trades still show a need for the English/Imperial system of measurement. The introduction of the Digital measuring wheel makes it easier to change the display from meters/centimeters to yards/feet.

    Why should you be using a wheel measuring tool?

    Even though you can find numerous other tools for taking measurements, there are some great reasons on why you should still be using a measuring wheel to take measurements. One of the biggest benefits that you can get out of a measuring wheel is that you can cut down the time that you will have to cover in order to take measurements. The steps to take measurements are quite simple as well. For example, you don't need to hold a tape and make sure that it doesn't shift or move. You can conveniently take the measurement of the perimeter in one go. There is no need to take multiple measurements.Another great thing about a measuring wheel is that it would not have an endpoint to the measurement that you can take. In other words, you will not run out of length, as you would do in a measuring tape. Therefore, you can easily cover longer distances with the help of a measuring wheel. Some of the measuring wheels available for purchase out there will help you with marking areas with paint as well.

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