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    Instrument Cases

    Instrument Cases are types of casing device used typically to enclose and protect common electronic or electrical products.

    How do Instrument Cases work?

    By encasing your electrical goods or products inside the case, you will enclose it within the metal housing to protect it from physical damage and/or damage from contaminants such as dust, water or chemicals.

    What are instrument cases made of?

    This type of instrument casing device is constructed from tough and durable materials such as Aluminium, Steel or ABS in order to protect the contents in demanding environments.

    Features and benefits:

    Instrument Cases have a variety of different features and benefits such as;

    • Heavy duty and light duty alternatives are available
    • Fully enclosed models offer waterproofing, ideal for tough outdoor scenarios
    • Fins on the sides will act as a heat sink (varies from model to model)
    • Non slip on certain models
    • Easily customised
    • High and low temperature ranges offer great availability in different environments
    • Ruggedness of the box offers high impact resistance

    Applications of Instrument Cases

    Utilised in a number of industries, instrument cases can be used to protect delicate electronics, but the applications are endless as instrument enclosures are capable of housing various items. Typical applications of Instrument Cases include;

    • Outdoor LED power supply casing
    • Enclosed switches
    • Industrial camera housing
    • Desktop instrument casing
    • Printed circuit boards
    • Measurement/Monitoring process control equipment
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