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    Mini I/O Connectors

    Mini IO connectors are small wire-to-board interfaces suitable for most environments. These connectors are easy installable without the need for wire termination and soldering activities.

    A mini IO connector consists of a housing, a shell and a terminal with contact points. The outer materials are made from thermoplastics, which makes them highly resistant to shock, vibration and extreme temperatures.

    The terminals have contacts made of copper alloy, which increases conduction for highly reliable connection features. Latch mechanisms prevent cables from pulling out of the mini IO connectors.

    What are Mini IO connectors used for?

    The main benefit of a mini IO connector is space-saving, which increases the effective use of the circuit board or PCB. The second benefit to the user is the simple installing mechanism, which requires a hand tool.

    Mini IO connectors are used in industrial communication systems and motion and drive applications. Their durability and lock structures make them suitable for rugged environments like heavy manufacturing facilities and industrial machinery such as lathes and PLCs.

    Types of mini IO connectors

    Mini IO connectors are distinguished via connection type, being either plug connectors or jack connectors.

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