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    Remote Control Systems

    Ready to operate general purpose remote control systems are used with highly secure transmission protocol for reliable operations. Transmitter and receiver are usually supplied in IP65 rated enclosures with integral power supply containing industrial standard 'DIN Rail' (interchangeable). The relay outputs may be user set to operate as latching or momentary. Outputs may be set to timed from 0-60 minutes. Additional transmitters can be added using the easy learn procedure as well as any transmitter switch can be mapped to any individual or combination of receiver outputs(s).

    Features and Benefits:

    •Waterproof ABS enclosure (IP68)

    •All outputs momentary, latching or timed

    •12-32Vac/dc and 230Vac supply

    •Ready to use remote control

    •Relay outputs: momentary, latching, timed

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