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    Camera Accessories

    There is a multitude of accessories that can be used with cameras and camcorders, including bags to store them in, tripods, memory cards, card adapters, lens filters, chargers and replacement batteries. By using the right equipment and accessories you can achieve better results in any light and weather conditions. The right accessory kit enables you to get the best out of your camera equipment.

    Must-have camera accessories?

    • The right bag for your an help minimise the risk of any damage to your cameras or lenses. Bags usually come with straps to make them make them easier to transport.
    • Tripods are essential if you require steady pictures or videos and are available in various sizes. They are sturdy and have been designed so you can easily attach and remove your camera.
    • Waterproof cases allow you to take photos in areas where it is wet like water parks or the sea. Most are submersible and can be used by scuba divers.
    • Extra Batteries are especially useful when travelling with no access to a charger. A spare battery is a must-have piece of every photographer's bag.

    Other accessories include memory cards for capturing and keeping your photos or videos, selfie sticks for taking group photos and replacement parts for your camera.

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