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    USB Video Adapters

    A USB Video Adapter, also known as USB Graphics Adapter, is a device which allows you to convert any present USB port into an external video output, thus, allowing you to add additional display monitors to your desktop or laptop setup. The device takes one USB port which can then serve to one or many video connections, creating a convenient way to add multi-monitor capabilities.

    Benefits of Multi-Display setup?

    A USB Video Adapter lets you mirror or duplicate display monitors and is a perfect solution for work and home environments where you require multi-displays or need to expand your display view. The adapter can also be an ideal solution for when you no longer have additional video ports available on your computer but require a spare video port for additional displays.

    USB Video Adapters are also ideal for those on-the-move or for regular travellers, the adapter is ideal for connecting your laptop to a video display, expanding your desktop to single or multiple monitors.

    Having a multi-display setup, whether at home or work, can help with productivity and efficiency by increasing the workspace and having several windows open across multiple monitors at the same time. Multi-tasking has never been easier with a USB to Video Adapter.

    What are the different type of video connections?

    Our range of USB Video Adapters are compatible with many different video connection types, such as:

    USB Video Adapters allow the most common computers and laptops to connect to most display monitor brands without the need for special cables or additional video graphic cards. The adapters can even support the higher resolutions such as 1080p and 4K Ultra HD for those looking for a high quality resolution setup.

    Considerations to make when purchasing a USB Video Adapter?

    USB Video adapters will need a spare USB port available on your laptop or desktop computer.

    It is important to check which video connection type (DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA) your display monitor / TV has and select the applicable USB video adapter.

    Check the compatibility of the USB video adapter with the laptop or computer operating system.

    It is important to check whether your current video card on your laptop or computer can handle additional display(s) as USB video adapters use the on-board video card.

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