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    Headphones cover or plug into your ears allowing you to listen to audio in comfort and privacy without disturbing or being disturbed by your environment. Headphone designs can range from basic ear bud headphones or in-ear headphones for casually listening to music & Podcasts to complex studio quality headphones

    Open Back or Closed Back?

    When considering the right headphones for you, closed or open back is something to consider. Closed back headphones are sealed and shut out environmental noise. Open back headphones allow air into the headphones, which gives the listener a more natural interpretation of the audio, which may be essential for music producers and podcast editors.For the ultimate in reducing environmental distraction, noise cancelling technology can be employed.

    Why Go Wireless?

    Wireless headphones offer increased mobility and are perfect if you need to listen on-the-go. However, they require charging and a strong signal to work, and may be prone to failure if any of these are compromised. Wired headphones, particularity those with a 3mm connection, have the advantage of offering a standardized, almost universal, connection solution.

    In-ear, On-Ear or Over-Ear?

    • In-ear headphones, sometimes known as earphones, are the smallest style. They are inserted into the ear canal are great for blocking out noises from outside.
    • On-ear headphones, also known as supra-aural, are larger than in-ear headphones and are comfortable for longer periods of wear.
    • Over-ear headphones, or around-ear, headphones are the largest style. They feature large, padded ear cups which sit over the entire ear and are ideal for noise


    Headsets are a headphone and microphone combination set on a headband, variations of these include telephone headsets, USB headsets and wireless headsets. A headset is designed to allow you to listen to calls or conferences whilst keeping your hands free to take notes or enter data. Headsets are available with single or dual earpieces and come in over the ear designs or over the head with an adjustable headband

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