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    KVM Cables

    KVM cables are cables used to connect keyboard, video, and mouse components and allow users to control multiple PCs with a single device via multiple connections. This means that the user does not have to employ a separate keyboard, video component and mouse for each computer being used and allows for greater project management. At RS, we have KVM cables from trusted brands in the industry, including Roline, Startech and our own RS PRO.

    KVM cables are connected to KVM switches, which complete the connections between each PC, monitor, and the operating components via various male and female connections, such as PS/PS2, VGA, DVI, DVI-I, HDMI, and USB connections. They simplify cable management by reducing the number of cables required, providing a central point for connections, and also providing more connections than may be typically available on a monitor or PC. Using a KVM switch reduces confusion, increases productivity, and reduces potential hazards by keeping multiple cables tidy and organized. The connectors on KVM cables are typically gold or nickel plated for high levels of connectivity.

    What is a KVM Switch?

    When you are learning about KVM cables, it is also better to enhance the understanding that you have about KVM switches. Then you will eventually be able to end up with purchasing the most appropriate cable to cater to your needs.

    A keyboard, visual display unit, or mouse may be connected to numerous computers via a KVM switch. The user chooses which computer, out of a number, they want to take control of. It is hardware that enables choosing certain servers or PCs using a basic dial or button-based management mechanism.

    Some KVM switches may also be able to control speakers and connected USB devices. Up to 300 meters may be covered by products employing Category 5 twisted pair cables for equipment management, often with the use of manufacturer-specific protocols.

    KVM over IP is a subsequent invention in which the KVM Switch transmits the control the information and recorded keyboard, video, and mouse signals to a remote app over an IP over Ethernet channel. The range and breadth of control over LAN, WAN, and Serial Point-to-Point communications are substantially expanded as a result. Connecting using a web browser and using some kind of proprietary software is the usual technique, although security is obviously a problem. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) using 128-bit encryption is used to address this.

    What are KVM cables used for?

    KVM cables are used in industries with high-security applications and where the need for top resolution imaging is crucial. These cable assemblies are typically found in military and governmental industries, research labs and aeronautical environments.

    One of the most prominent applications that you can find in a KVM VGA cable is the ability to connect different connection types. For example, if you want to connect data and video into a single cable, you may think about using a USB KVM cable or a HDMI KVM cable. On the other hand, a display port KVM cable can assist you with combining data and video to a single port as well. By using such a KVM extension cable, you will be able to optimize while reducing the number of connections you need. The Startech KVM cables are quite popular to help people in organizing cables at row, rack, and room levels.

    Browse through the KVM cables that we have for sale in our store and get the best cable to cater to your needs.

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