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    Panel Meter Accessories

    There is something you must understand about panel meter accessories. This is the fact that they are usually available in various sizes and shapes. These are very important especially when used alongside panel mount technology. At this point, it is crucial to know that where they are bought from is vital. This is because not every store will make accessories for panel meter available that can meet your expectations.

    There is no need being worried though as we are here for you. We offer different kinds of such accessories. Here are more details about our products.

    Types of Panel Meter Accessories

    We have different types of panel meter accessories that you can take advantage of today. Some of which include:

    Cable assembly

    A cable assembly is a collection of wires or computer cables, arranged into one, single unit. There are two main types of wire / cable - data and power. A data cable carries informational signals from one device to another and a power cable carries electricity to a device. Several such computer cables can be grouped together to make a cable assembly, often covered in a sleeve, providing protection to the assembly as a whole. Doing this helps organize them (preventing tangling) and makes them easier to install, maintain and replace.

    Current transformer

    Current transformers (CT's), also known as Core Balance Current Transformers or Current Transducers, are instruments that are used to reduce or multiply the current from a high current into a lower current or vice versa. Current transformers, however, work in a slightly different way from voltage transformers. Plus, the amount of reduction in current is dependent upon the turn ratio. Whereas, connecting an ammeter to the CT's terminals will allow you to measure the current easily.


    shrouds are gusseted, they form a natural protective area without the need for added protection. Our accessories for panel meters are the best you will find in the market. This is because apart from being highly customizable, they have all the necessary features that can ensure optimum functionalities

    What Are The Uses of Panel Meter Accessories?

    First of all, it is crucial to know what a panel meter is. It is actually an instrument that has been built to display input signals in either digital or analogue format. Today, panel meters come with some advanced features that make them more effective. For instance, some are known to have alarm clocks. There are even those that can transfer data to systems.

    Having known what a panel meter is including what it can do, you can now easily understand that its accessories are very crucial. In fact, without such accessories, a panel meter will not function as expected. We have got different kinds of panel meter accessories. These could be panel cutout punch, option card, panel meter cover, connector, cam pin, cam, adapter place, DC current shunt, accessory board, panel meter scale and more.

    For years, we have been supplying the best electrical components to different categories of customers. This is a proof that we understand what your expectations are including how they can be met without any compromise. Our panel meter accessories are a combination of quality and affordability. Therefore, be rest assured that they will deliver as expected. For more information on how to get started on your orders, contact us.

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