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    Retaining Compounds

    Retaining compounds are high strength anaerobic adhesives used for a variety of applications such as securing cylindrical parts into shafts. They create a permanent connection between two materials, such as bonding roller bearings in bearing housing.

    How do retaining compounds work?

    Retaining compounds are applied as a liquid. Because of their high viscosity, the thickness and strength increases as the liquid cools to room temperature. Retaining compounds can be used for bonding metal surfaces together or for filling voids. They eliminate fretting corrosion and prevent the roughening of surfaces that lead to the need for replacement parts. Due to their high strength, retaining compounds are best used in parts that require infrequent dismantling.

    Types of retaining compounds

    Retaining compounds are available in a range of strengths and cure times. Depending on the application, maximum operating temperature, chemical composition and chemical ingredients should be considered before you choose retaining compounds for your job. For parts that require a permanent bond, high-strength retaining compounds are recommended. Medium-strength retaining compounds should be used when parts will need to be taken apart.

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