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    RS PRO, the own brand of RS, offers a wide range of quality products across all industries.

    Discover our electronics solutions for your everyday applications

    Electronics for every technological and industrial sector. RS PRO offers a wide range of high-quality electronics components to meet your needs. From Industrial Connectors and Passives, all the way to our newest Test & Measurement equipment.

    Make RS PRO your one brand choice for Electronics Engineering

    PCB Connectors

    A large selection of PCB connectors, for signal or power transmission. Ready to go on your wish list!

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    Explore our wide choice of fuses, to ensure suitable circuit protection for your design.

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    Fixed Resistors

    Passive components of all kinds, ready to be discovered. Why not start with our wide selection of fixed resistors then?

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    Safety Solutions

    Personal protective equipment for any electronics application. Includes popular ranges for eye and hand protection.

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    ESD Control

    ESD control equipment for any electronics working environment. Antistatic mats and boxes, ESD grounding, and the list goes on with RS PRO.

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    Electronics Tool Kits

    The RS PRO range includes tough, industrial grade tools, kits and cabinets - all the tools an electronics engineer or maintainer may need.

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    Welcome to AR!

    This time the RS PRO-BOT is at work on the construction of a PCB system. Augmented reality to its help - fast forward mode and the task is complete!

    Our 3 pillars: quality, choice and value

    3 Pillars of quality

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