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    Power Supplies - PSUs

    More than 6,000 selection of power supply units and accessories from all the major brands.

    RS Components has a wide selection of power supply units (PSUs). No matter AC-DC power supply adapters and desktop computer power supply suitable for domestic applications, or bench power supplies, DIN Rail and panel mount power supplies and switch mode PSU, you can always find what you want in RS.

    RS cooperates with leading brands like TRACOPOWER, TDK-Lambda, Emerson Network Power, Phoenix Contact, plus our own brand RS PRO, we can offer you with PSU and accessories in various domestic and industrial applications.

    Hot PSU Categories

    DIN Rail Power Supplies

    Power supply takes an incoming electrical current and converts it into the correct voltage, current, and frequency required.

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    PC Power Supplies

    RS offers you with PC power supplies of different brands with various procurement solution and delivery options.

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    Embedded SMPS

    You can always find the suitable switching embedded switch mode power supplies from RS.

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    Rack Mount Power Supplies

    RS offers you with rack mount power supplies to meet your applications in production, electronic system development and other aspects.

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    Power Supply Accessories

    Power supply accessories are all of the components and devices that relate to the systems of delivering electrical power to a given load.

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    Bench Power Supplies

    RS offers you with different brands, specifications and models of bench power supplies to meet your application needs.

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    AC/DC Adapters

    RS provides you with various brands of AC/DC adapters and many other products of different specifications and models for you to choose.

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