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    Multimeter Cases

    A multimeter case is the protective carrying case designed to house and store your multimeter and multimeter accessories. Multimeter carrying cases are available in various sizes and styles from hard cases to small soft handheld pouch style carrying cases.

    RS work with major electrical test and power measurement equipment manufacturers, including Fluke, Chauvin Arnoux, Keysight, including the RS PRO brand, all recognised for their expertise in delivering price and performance within the industry including digital multimeter carrying cases.

    How do they work?

    Multimeter case works in just the same way as any other protective case coming in different sizes and durability. The function of the case is to protect your multimeter, digital multimeter equipment from damage and protects your multimeter from weather and environmental factors when not in use. A meter case is portable so can be carried along with other digital multimeter tools to where it is needed.

    Types of meter cases?

    • Shoulder bag carry cases – Portable with a strap and or handle and are larger in size, sometimes suitable for carrying more than one device.
    • Holsters – Fit on your on your work trousers, designed to fit the device you use. Ensure you pick the one to fit your device.
    • Hard cases – These cases are made from materials such as hard plastic, feature handles and are extremely safe protecting equipment from all conditions.
    • Soft cases – Typically used on the go and for quick access to your device. Moderate protection from falls and water.

    Features and benefits:

    • Moderate shock absorption.
    • Water resistance.
    • Keep your device in one place, easy to locate.
    • Heavy-duty cases resistance to fall damage and foam inserts protect your device from the inside.
    • Multiple pockets in some allowing you to carry more parts.
    • Lightweight and versatile.

    What can I store in my multimeter case?

    Manufactures design and make specific digital multimeter cases for various models of multimeter, some will just house a multimeter and others will act like tool cases and tool bags providing accessory storage for all other multimeter like:

    • Multimeter Lead.
    • Connectors and plugs.
    • Insulation tester.
    • Process tools.
    • Air quality and temperature tools.
    • Probes.
    • Calibration equipment.
    • Clamp meter.
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