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    RS PRO Gauge Block Sets

    A gauge block set is a system for measuring length to a high degree of accuracy. This is achieved by stacking multiple blocks together. Each gauge block is ground to a precise thickness, and sets contain a range of standard metric or imperial or both size blocks. RS offer a range of high-quality gauge sets from leading brands including Mitutoyo, Facom and of course RS PRO.

    How do Gauge Block sets work?

    To combine gauge blocks and create a broader variety of lengths, you slide two blocks against each another. This process is called wringing and it makes the ultra-flat surfaces of the gauge blocks grip together.

    What are gauge block sets used for?

    Gauge block sets can be used to create a broad range of precise measurements. In manufacturing environments or machine shops, they're used to calibrate the accuracy of devices in other measuring sets, such as callipers. They're the recognised standard measures of length in the industry.

    Types of gauge block set

    • Steel is hardened and tempered to reduce the rate of wear. It's suitable for standard usage.
    • Chromium carbide and tungsten carbide ceramic are more durable and longer-lasting than steel. They're often used for calibration.

    All our gauge sets are manufactured from the highest-grade quality materials and are supplied in convenient wooden cases or plastic cases for easy storage.

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