LED Display Drivers

LED display drivers are integrated circuits (ICs) which interface a microprocessor to a display. These particular display drivers are designed for LED display systems.

LED display drivers receive information and data from a parallel or serial interface. The driver then produces signals which control the display. These signals include voltage, current and timing.

What is an 8-digit LED display driver?
LED display drivers can be for use with 7-Segment LED displays. 7-segment displays consist of 7 sections which light up to form numbers, similar to traditional alarm clocks. The number of digits refers to the number of 7-segment displays that the driver can work with.

What is a common cathode display driver?
These display drivers are for use with common cathode (CC) LED displays. Common anode (CA) is also available. The primary difference is that the CC displays have all the cathodes connected, while CA displays have the anodes connected together.

What are LED displays?
LED displays are small displays which are lit by an LED (light emitting diode).

Where are LED display drivers used?

  • 7-Segment LED Displays

  • Dot Matrix LED Displays

  • Light Bar Displays

  • Bar-Graph Displays

  • TFT Displays

  • Backlighting

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RS Stock No. 191-6819
Mfr. Part No.ICM7217IPI+
4 7 - - 500 μA Through Hole PDIP 28 6 (Maximum) V 37.34 x 14.61 x 4.45mm 4.45mm 37.34mm +85 °C -20 °C