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    Electric Saws

    Electric saws, also known as power saws, are a supply-powered or battery-powered version of one of the most popular cutting tools. Due to their increased power capabilities, electric saws are used to cut through various materials that would be difficult to cut by hand power alone, such as stones, concrete, hardwoods or metals. The cutting process is similar, in that the toothed edge is used against the material, but user input is more focused on steadying and guiding the material instead of performing the cutting action.

    Our range of electric saws features both corded and cordless options, with products from industry-leading brands including Bosch, DeWALT and Makita.

    What are the most common types of Electric Saws?

    Due to the differences in available blade moving mechanisms, electric saws can be divided into a number of categories.

    • Alligator Saws - designed to meet all heavy-duty, industrial applications. Due to two saw blades moving in the opposite direction from each other, alligator saws cut fast and clean through tough materials with minimal effort input from the user.
    • Band Saws - these tools are ideal for cutting irregular shapes thanks to a unique blade movement construction. Available as a standalone or as mobile tools, Band saws are ideal for all professional applications.
    • Circular Saws - Ideal tools for quick and efficient cutting of various materials, they use a rotating blade that makes clean cross-cuts and rip-cuts. Circular saws are one of the most common types of powered saws and can accept blades that can be used to cut a wide variety of materials, from woods and plastics to metals and masonry.
    • Jigsaws - Designed to cut both straight and curved lines in a horizontal position thanks to the reciprocating "push-pull" motor move, jigsaws are ideal for cutting holes in large, flat elements such as kitchen worktops. The material can be guided in nearly any direction (space allowing) to create unique shapes, which is why jigsaws are often used to complete custom designs.
    • Mitre Saws - This type of saw is ideal for all professional applications as they allow the user to make cuts at a variety of angles. They also allow tilting and pivoting to the right or the left to produce bevelled cuts.
    • Reciprocating Saws - These ultra-versatile power tools, also known as oscillating saws or sabre saws, employ a push-pull motion of the blade that allows for cutting through various materials in the most efficient way.

    Where electric saws are used?

    Electric saws are extremely versatile power tools that are used for numerous applications, including furniture manufacture, home renovation, engineering and many other manufacturing industries. They are most likely to be found in any of the following industries:

    • Construction
    • Carpentry
    • Metalworking
    • Automotive
    • Demolition
    • DIY
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