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    Vacuum Switches

    Vacuum switches are electronic or mechanical devices which are used in pneumatic systems to allow pressure or vacuum to flow from one place to another, ensuring that the overall system remains stable. These switches are used in many applications for pressure control and safety interlock functionality, ensuring that optimal conditions are maintained.

    Vacuum switches regulate the flow of a vacuum between two spaces, ensuring it's always present where needed. Vacuum switches operate under different pressure types (negative, electro-mechanical, relative, or compound pressure). The required operating conditions for your system will determine the best switch choice.

    Vacuum pressure switches are designed for sensing pressure changes in a vacuum. A pre-set point will be determined, and once this is reached or surpassed, the vacuum switch will either open or close the electrical connection.

    Types of pressure and vacuum switches

    These switches operate under different types of pressure, such as negative pressure, electro-mechanical pressure, relative pressure and compound pressure. This is determined by the conditions in which they operate, and will impact which one you choose. These switches also have different types of connection, different maximum and minimum pressure settings, and varying voltage drops.

    Digital hydraulic pressure switches are pressure sensors used as responsive devices to track fluid pressure levels. They close off electrical contacts when the determined fluid pressures are attained. They are designed to either make contact upon pressure increases, or on pressure decreases.

    What are digital hydraulic pressure switches used for?

    Digital Hydraulic Pressure Switches are used as automatic supervisory products in systems containing pressurised fluids. The manufacturing industry make use of them as feedback devices to highlight spikes and drops in fluid pressures. They are typical in mobile industrial equipment with modern displays, where the oil pressure will be shown as numeric and alarms activated if the engine pressure levels drop beyond certain points.


    Vacuum switches can be used in various industrial environments. They are considered to be an essential device for monitoring and control tasks in hydraulic and processing industries. These type of switches can sense a change in the vacuum and will open or close an electrical circuit when the set point is reached.

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