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    Facom Screwdriver Sets

    Screwdriver sets are one of the most common sets of hand tools found in any toolbox and consist of a range of individual screwdrivers each with a different tip type and size or a single interchangeable screwdriver handle supplied with a range of swappable blades or bits.

    Types of Screwdriver Set

    The following are some of the most popular screwdriver sets:

    Electricians Screwdrivers Sets: Electricians Screwdriver Sets or insulated screwdriver sets meet safety requirements that protect against electric shock

    Precision Screwdriver Sets: Precision Screwdriver Sets are designed for intricate and delicate work

    Interchangeable Screwdriver Sets: Interchangeable Screwdriver Sets consist of a single bit holder screwdriver and a range of bits or blades

    Torx Screwdriver Sets: Torx Screwdriver Sets also known as Star Screwdriver sets, these all have a six-pointed star-shaped tip

    Screwdriver Set Brands

    Screwdriver sets are available from popular leading brands including the following:

    Wera Screwdriver Sets

    Wiha Screwdriver Sets

    Stanley Screwdriver Sets

    Bahco Screwdriver Sets

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