Soap Dispensers

A soap dispenser, also known as liquid soap dispensers and hand soap dispensers are important in any washroom, commercial or industrial environment where maintaining hygiene is vital. A dispenser can help with stopping the spread of a virus, and infections such as Covid-19 as they dispense measured (ml) amounts of hand soap and sanitiser with minimal or no physical hand contact.

Soap dispensers dispense different forms of hand cleaners from liquid soap, foam, gel, handwash liquid, sanitiser all available in various sizes and volumes from 400 ml upwards to 4-litre refills.

Our range of soap dispensers includes anti-bacterial dispensers which have anti-microbial protection on the outer casing and dispensing levers, with pump-action, preventing the spread of bacteria and infections. This range of soap dispensers are ideal for the food industry.

Soap dispensers are normally mounted on a wall plus also available in freestanding designs and work well not only in a bathroom but also a shower.

How Do Soap Dispensers Work?

Loaded with a convenient refill cartridge, a wall-mounted soap dispenser delivers a measure of soap when activated by either a battery-operated sensor or manually press or push a button or lever.

Automatic or Manual?

While manual soap dispensers present a cost-effective and low maintenance hygiene solution, automatic, or ’touch-free’ soap dispensers (battery operated), have advantages in that they do not need to be touched by hands, and so reduce the potential spread of bacteria.

Dispenser Benefits?

  • Cost-effective (better than a standard bar of soap).
  • Refillable (all refill sizes available).
  • Anti-bacterial models are available.
  • Easily mounted to any wall.
  • Suitable for any washroom or bathroom (including a shower).
  • Range of colours from black, white, chrome and stainless steel.
  • Various sizes and top brands of hand dispenser available.
  • Automatic and manual dispenser (pump action).

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Description Price Cartridge Size Compatible Cartridges Anti-Bacterial Colour Trade Name Automatic/Manual Range Wall Mounted Material Length Width Height
RS Stock No. 460-9083
Mfr. Part No.ACC729
Branddeb stoko
- - Yes White Skin Safety Cradle Manual - Yes - - - -
RS Stock No. 162-2068
Mfr. Part No.TF2WHI
Branddeb stoko
1200ml DEB Instant Foam - White TouchFREE Automatic - Yes - 170mm 100mm 277mm
RS Stock No. 677-0746
Mfr. Part No.INF01CON
Branddeb stoko
1000ml DEB Instant Foam Yes White Instantfoam Manual - Yes - - - -
RS Stock No. 742-3012
Mfr. Part No.PRO1LDSEN
Branddeb stoko
1000ml DEB Protect, DEB Protect Plus, DEB Universal Protect Yes White/Orange Protect 1000 Manual - Yes - - - -