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    Junction Boxes

    Junction boxes, also known as electrical outlet boxes or J boxes, act as weatherproof outdoor enclosures that provide secure housing for electrical wiring and devices. These outdoor waterproof boxes do is protect electrical components from external forces such as weather, neighbouring materials, and vandalism. Junction boxes also serve as a connector to a pattress and are often found installed behind a downlighter. Despite their similar appearance, junction boxes contain wire connections inside, unlike pull boxes which do not.

    How do Junction Boxes Work?

    Junction boxes provide points of entry for electrical cables. It is important to choose the right size and type of junction box for your project's needs to ensure safety and compliance with the relevant rules and regulations. These boxes may have knockout, integrated thread, or self-sealing membranes for cable entry. Internally, there are mounting points for screws in each corner, so it is important to use the correct masonry plugs, anchors, and fixings for the surface you are mounting the box to (such as a wall, skirting board, or ceiling). A sealed box lid or cover provides security for all the internal components.

    What Materials are Junction Boxes Made From?

    Junction boxes can be made from various plastics (such as PVC and fibreglass) and metals (stainless steel). Both types are suitable for most household projects, but metal boxes must be grounded and connected to the ground system of the circuit. The material of the box should always match the material of the device it contains.

    Types of Junction Boxes

    Junction boxes are typically adaptable and can be used for multiple purposes, with their prices varying based on their size and application. Some common types include: surface-mounted boxes, flush-mounted boxes, and recessed boxes. Surface-mounted boxes are installed on the external walls of buildings and are typically used for outdoor lights and other fixtures that require access to electrical wiring. Flush-mounted boxes are designed to fit almost flush with a finished wall or ceiling and are used when you need a neat, clean finish. Recessed boxes are installed between two studs in an inside wall and can be used for many types of equipment such as light switches or outlets.

    IP Ratings for Junction Boxes

    Junction boxes are available in various IP ratings such as IP20, IP2X, IP40, IP44, IP54, IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68. The IP rating of the junction box determines what type of protection it provides in terms of environmental conditions and dust penetration. The higher the number, the more secure the junction box is against external elements such as rain and dirt. For more information on IP ratings, click here.

    Get Junction Boxes at RS

    Whether you are looking for a surface-mounted, flush-mounted, or recessed junction box, RS has the right product to suit your needs. We have a wide range of junction boxes available in various sizes and materials. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards and are compliant with all relevant safety regulations. Check out our range of junction boxes below.

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