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    Indicators LED & Non-LED

    Indicators are primarily used as a warning or guidance signal. There are various sizes and types of an indicator to suit applications. LED indicators would be the most common versions, due to their low power consumption and high range of uses. There are also incandescent and neon indicators available.

    There's no recommended type to use, with top brands including RS Pro and a wide range of colours, each LED or alternative indicator will be reliable and excellent quality.

    Benefits of LED Indicators

    If an LED is the preferred choice, there are various reasons to consider their contribution. LED's have recently replaced the use of conventional incandescent indicators. And due to their long lasting and low power consumption capabilities, an LED is a perfect way to go for the intended application.

    Some engineers or customers may still prefer the use of incandescent of neon bulbs, so there is no guarantee an LED indicator will have to be used.

    As an example, some of the LED types we have available are:

    • 4 mm up to 30 mm, Mounting hole sizes

    • Various LED colours

    • Huge range of voltages

    • IP69K and other waterproof models

    What are the uses of an Indicator?

    Uses of indicators fall entirely down to the user. They can be fixed to PCB circuit boards, mounted on switches and push buttons or used as vehicle indicators. If an LED indicator is used, the options are slightly more extended in terms of where they can be used. Due to the long life of an LED, you can mount them in certain applications which remain untouched for years. But with the build quality, the LED will continue to function.

    What LED colours are available?

    Aside from the standard primary LED colours, like red, blue, green and yellow. If it is an LED lamp you're looking for, then the following alternative LED colours are available within the range:

    • Amber

    • Clear

    • Orange

    • White

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