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    Kingbright LED Displays

    LED displays are small displays, lit by LED (light emitting diode) technology, which are designed to be mounted to a panel or PCB connector. LED Displays provide illumination as well as visual display solutions for indoor and outdoor use across a broad range of industries.

    Types of LED display:

    There are numerous types of LED Display solutions available dependant on amount of brightness required and quantity of lighting technology needed.

    • Segmented Displays (for example 7-segment and 14-segment) consist of sections which, when lit, create numbers and/or letters. You would find 7-segment displays in technology such as calculators and digital alarm clocks.
    • Dot Matrix consist of multiple dots which, when lit, create numbers, letters, symbols and images. The higher the number of dots, the more detailed symbols you can create. More basic dot matrix displays are ideal for message board displays.
    • Light Bars consist of single or multiple sections that light up. They are usually square or rectangular and used for status indicators or to highlight icons on a display.

    Applications of LED Displays

    They can remain a small individual display or be used as part of a larger display. LED displays provide interaction between a user and system. Common uses for LED displays are:

    • LED Factory and production displays
    • Indoor and Outdoor Health and safety displays
    • LED hospital signs and waiting room displays
    • Scoreboard Displays
    • Digital advertising billboard displays


    LED displays are available in a range of different sizes, styles and colours. They are also available in surface mounted (SMD) or through-hole packages. All LED technology offered by RS is:

    • cost-effective
    • high-quality
    • energy-efficient
    • eye-catching
    • high-resolution

    LED Displays also come with varying levels of brightness, numerous colours, and different segment types that fulfil customer needs ranging from indoor household devices to outdoor signage displays.

    For more information about LED displays and their uses, please see our complete guide to LED displays.

    Browse the broad range of high-end LED Displays RS have to offer and order today for free next day delivery.

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