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    PCB DIN Connector Accessories

    Backplane connector accessories are all the components and additional parts used to make up a backplane. Backplanes are devices composed of a group of backplane connectors lined up in parallel to form a computer bus. Each connector pin is linked to the relevant pin of all the other connectors. They are usually used to connect a number of printed circuit boards.

    What are backplane connector accessories used for?

    The function of backplane accessories depends on the type of accessory it is, and what they are designed to be used with. They may help to protect, install, guide or connect the backplane.

    Types of backplane connector accessories

    There are a wide range of backplane accessories available, but some common types include:

    • Guiding accessories, used to make installation easier by providing a frame for the backplane
    • Protective accessories, such as a cover for the top entry, preventing dust and debris from getting into the backplane
    • Replacement accessories, such as the pins, which make up a key component part of the backplane
    • PCB Din Connectors, used for hosting connector contacts and PCBs attached to them
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