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    Backplane Connectors

    Backplane connectors are electrical parts used to connect several printed circuit boards (PCBs) together within a computer system. Each pin on every backplane connector is linked to the same relative pin of all the other connectors to form a computer bus transceiver. Backplane connectors provide stable electrical connections between the components and the printed circuit boards.

    What are backplane connectors used for?

    Backplane connectors are used in PCBs for computerised devices. Wire-wrapped connectors are typically used in minicomputers and high-reliability applications in the manufacturing industry. Backplane connectors function as safety parts in heavier components like video cards and peripheral devices to ensure these do not damage the PCB or become disconnected.

    Types of backplane connectors

    There are three types of backplane connector:

    • Butterfly backplane connectors are used in boards with switchless designs, to lower data latency and overall system cost.
    • Active backplane connectors are standard in boards that contain a bus control and motherboard circuitry but no complex processor components.
    • Passive backplane connectors are universal in boards with buses and drivers that need to transmit data and interface with the operating system.
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