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    Automotive Connectors

    Electrical connectors used in the automotive industry have to be tough and reliable. They are often placed in parts of an vehicle that are open to the elements, meaning they must be provide protection against dust ingress and moisture. They may also have a good degree of heat resistance. Due to the movement and vibrations within a vehicle, the connectors will often have secure locking systems built into the plug and socket to prevent unwanted disconnect.

    Types of Automotive Connector

    • Terminals are used to provide connection to a PCB. Wire terminals eliminate the need for soldering.
    • Board-to-Board connectors connect two PCBs together.
    • Wire-to-wire connectors connect two wires which have already been terminated, for example a crimp termination with a Ring Terminal.
    • Connector housings are available to surround and protect connections between wires, connectors and PCBs. They provide protection from the elements or may feature a secondary locking mechanism.
    • General automotive connectors can be used in power and battery applications, for example with caravaning or cigarette lighters.

    Where can I use Automotive Connectors?

    Automotive connectors are available for a range of applications. This includes creating protective cable-to-cable connections, or providing multiple sockets from the single traditional cigarette lighter.

    Our range of automotive connectors contains various connector kits to suit a broad range of requirements within the automotive industry, as well as relevant accessories such as insertion and extraction tools. This rugged range of automotive connectors can be used with most automotive wiring harnesses, including motorcycles, cars, caravans or any number of automotive applications with some more specific application needs such as in the motocross and boating industries.

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