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    Laptop Bags

    Laptop cases and laptop bags are distinguished from laptop sleeves by their roomy interior and adjustable carrying strap or handles. Laptop cases are designed for easy transportation of your laptop, laptop accessories and personal items in a range of different styles, these are:

    • Backpack – this type of laptop bag is commonly used by students, outdoor enthusiasts and travellers. This style features two straps that will rest on your shoulders and bag sits on your back making it easier for you to carry if you have heavy equipment. These laptop cases have extra padding and specific slots for laptops and accessories to your regular backpack.
    • Briefcase – this style laptop case is your standard/usual laptop carrier. It has different file divider slots to fit your laptop and accessories in with one single strap for carrying over your shoulder or you can carry it with the single handle on top. This laptop case style is used more often with business people.
    • Wheeled Case – this style laptop case is similar to a briefcase but has an extendable handle and wheels on the bottom for easy transportation. This laptop case is often used by people who travel as it is travel friendly and lightweight to make it easy to pull along.
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